Southwest Ohio Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Chapter Officers

Grover Brown, WDIDI # 107093 (NACHI07021210) | Officer
AB Intro-Spect
Cincinnati, OH

Michelle Kos (NACHI14111213) | Event Coordinator
Masters In Success
Walbridge, OH

Chapter Members

11 members

Gregory Ayers (NACHI10050801)
Ohiothermal Home Inspection
Liberty Township, oh | 513-617-3777 | Website | Email

Brian Daley (NACHI06113003)
Brian\'s Professional Home Inspections
Trenton, OH

Larry Davidson, CHI (NACHI04071607)
LPD Home Inspection
Franklin, OH | 937-743-0074 | Website | Email

Todd Engle, CMI (NACHI14060413)
Good Eye Home Inspections LLC
Milford, OH | 859-630-4659 | Website | Email

Joshua Feltz (NACHI15010917)
Feltz Home Inspection
Wilmington, OH

Rodney Feltz (NACHI12122902)
Feltz Home Inspections
Wilmington, OH | 937-728-4928 | Website | Email

Craig Grossman (NACHI15020215)
Ohio Certified Inspections, LLC
Dayton, OH | 937-818-5372 | Website | Email

Kevin Leonard, CMI (NACHI03040407)
The Ohio Home Inspections Company
Cincinnati, OH | 513-895-7700 | Website | Email

Steven Mathis (NACHI15021303)
Gold Star Inspections
Xenia, OH | 937-608-8081 | Website | Email

Nick Merkle (NACHI14112402)

Loveland, OH

Todd Myers (NACHI14072506)
First Rate Inspections
Trenton, OH | 513-465-4722 | Website | Email

Daniel Nurre (NACHI07042802)
Nurre Real Estate Inspections
Mason, OH

Jerry Saylor (NACHI14101801)

cincinnati, OH

Randy Schafer, KY Lic. # 215856 (NACHI14101611)
Certified Pre-Inspections Inc
Hebron, KY

P Schwartz (NACHI13102909)
Classic Home Inspections Tri State
Cincinnati, OH | 812-290-9739 | Email

Donald Smith (NACHI14112605)
Cincinnati Certified Home Inspections, LLC
Loveland, OH

William Warner (NACHI03051506)
BC Warner Home Inspections
Greenville, OH | 937-423-2949 | Website | Email

George Wells, CMI (NACHI04093085)

Toledo, OH | 734-418-2860 | Website | Email