Great Lakes Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Chapter Officers

Gary Eber (NACHI06092099) | Vice President
Glass City Home Inspection
Toledo, Oh

Richard Jones (NACHI03120608) | Vice President
General Inspections, Inc.
Perrysburg, OH | 419-837-9793 | Website | Email

Michelle Kos (NACHI14111213) | Event Coordinator
Masters In Success
Walbridge, OH

Jason Sieg, CMI (NACHI05091399) | Vice President Flint Area
Home Sleuths
Davison, MI

George Wells, CMI (NACHI04093085) | President

Toledo, OH | 734-418-2860 | Website | Email

Chapter Members

23 members

Frank Bartlo (NACHI04081281)
Evergreen Home Inspections
Garden City, MI | 313-320-6514 | Website | Email

Mike Castro, CMI (NACHI14042321)
Honest&Detail Property Evaluation Services LLC.
Lorain, OH | 440-328-4142 | Website | Email

Christopher Clippert, CMI (NACHI14032424)
American Colonial Home Inspection
Farmington, MI | 734-658-2482 | Website | Email

Matthew Cottenham, CMI® (NACHI10022409)
Trademark Home Inspection, LLC
Canton, MI | 734-331-3269 | Website | Email

Larry Crager, State of Michigan Residential Builders Licens (NACHI14101301)
Integrity Home Inspection, LLC
Shelby Township, MI | 586-651-0687 | Website | Email

Wally Cutler (NACHI14122204)
Cutler Home Inspections
Lansing, MI

Kristi Deem (NACHI14091918)
Lady Royal Home Inspections
Wadsworth, OH

Thomas Doherty (NACHI15022811)
Home Run Inspection Services, LLC
Midland, MI

Tim Eaton (NACHI06101976)
InterNACHI's IT Support
Boulder, MN

Ronald Fairnot (NACHI13110808)
Precise Property Inspections
Southfield, MI

Christopher Felesky (NACHI12122206)
Optimus Home Inspection LLC
Chelsea, MI | 734-749-4266 | Website | Email

John Fitzsimons (NACHI13042515)
O.H.I. Home Inspections
Farmington Hills, MI

William Forrest, CMI (NACHI14031017)
MSRE Home Inspection Services, LLC
Cleveland, OH | 216-403-4511 | Website | Email

Bill Gillum, Florida License-HI-8802 (NACHI14020716)
Twin Palms Inspections
Naples, FL | 239-289-5293 | Website | Email

Michael Grimes (NACHI13061014)
Your BareFOOT Home Inspector
South Russell, OH | 440-476-7822 | Website | Email

Ben Gromicko (NACHI97010101)
Boulder, CO | 303-862-2611 | Website | Email

Tony Hall (NACHI13090512)
HTE Real Solutions
N. Jackson, OH

Bobby Hamilton, CMI (NACHI07081103)
Bloodhound Home Inspection Services
Austintown, OH | 330-259-1230 | Website | Email

David Heino (NACHI14052405)
Siberian Home Inspections
Taylor, MI

Alexander Herfi (NACHI12062110)
Americana Home Inspection
Grosse Ile, MI

Kris Hermiller, CMI (NACHI13071404)
Hermiller Home Inspections
Findlay, OH | 419-722-0994 | Website | Email

Andy Kasper (NACHI15012219)
Dominant Inspection Services, LLC
Ontario, OH

Alex Kasubienski, III (NACHI09041501)
Kas-Stro Inspections & Property Services,LLC.
Wellington, OH | 216-346-0128 | Website | Email

William Larkins (NACHI14070810)
Aabella home inspections LLC
Westland, MI

Kevin McGrath (NACHI13073114)
Majestic Inspection Services
Ann Arbor, MI

Cory Middleton (NACHI14120906)
Lakeshore Home Inspections LLC
Port Clinton, OH

Barry Nash (NACHI05072799)
Avon Point Home Inspections
Avon Lake, Oh

Gary Oikarinen (NACHI13021502)
Kestrel Site Inspections
Macomb, MI | 586-207-1147 | Website | Email

Roger Pirtle (NACHI14102312)
Roger To The Rescue
Mancelona, MI | 231-218-9662 | Website | Email

Dave Range, CMI (NACHI11091406)
Hearth and Homes Inspections
Mentor, OH | 440-954-0465 | Website | Email